FREE WORKSHOP FOR LEATHERSMITHS: HOW TO GET PERFECT LEATHERWORK RESULTS. 6 easy steps to get refined and polished leatherwork, even if you’re a beginner leatherworker.




Fed up because you’re not able to get perfect stitches when you saddlestitch?

Not sure how or why you should finish your leather edges?

Then this free workshop that i’m hosting next week is for you. Go ahead and register for the workshop by clicking the button above.

You know, a few years ago I did something that completely changed the trajectory of my traditional leatherwork path.

But before I tell you what that was, let me tell you where I was in my leatherworking journey at that point.

I wanted to do traditional leatherwork and make beautiful wallets, handbags and cool accessories. I had dreams of making heirloom quality goods for myself, friend and family. Stuff that people would pass down to the next generation, you know?

But I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when it came to leatherwork!

And I sure as hell didn’t know how to make heirloom quality leathergoods.

I was pretty sure I would never be successful at it - after all I had no prior experience working with leather, making leathergoods and didn’t have any resources other then youtube.

Then I got an AMAZING opportunity to take a leather workshop with a master leatherworker who apprenticed with the luxury brand Hermes out of highschool.

Jackpot! It was an amazing experience and I learned sooo soo much from her.

After that course I was super jazzed to learn even more so I got right to work researching leatherworking methods online that focused on craftsmanship and refined results.

But do you know what I found instead?

I found a lot of blurry and in-audible videos of guys in their garages making very rustic looking leathergoods.

Not that there’s anything wrong with rustic leathergoods, but that was just NOT what I was looking for.

There are some people who believe that the key to getting better at leatherwork is to...

  • Cut corners and take shortcuts...

  • Learn tricks to avoid getting the right quality tools...

  • Side-step the proven methods that work and instead over-complicate processes and techniques...

Practicing methods that don't work and cutting corners is not going to get you the refined and polished results that you want.

So what I did was to stop listening to those people who want to tell you that you need a bunch of complicated tools, or that leatherwork is really expensive and complicated to learn.

Instead, I decided that I just needed to find a way to learn the best methods and once and for all figure out some of this leatherworking stuff that seemed so confusing!

And thats exactly what I did.

Find out what exactly I learned about creating refined and polished leatherwork during my FREE AND LIVE WORKSHOP on Thursday DECEMBER 12TH.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • 3 mistakes and how you can avoid them. These are the most common beginner mistakes that people make. So if you’re new, you going to benefit from knowing how to side step these mistakes.

  • 6 steps that I use in my work to get refined and polished results with every project. I use the same 6 main steps in every single leathergood project that I do and since I have a system laid out. It makes preparing for the work easy and makes it easy to get a great result everytime. If you sometimes just aren’t sure how to get started with a project, you’re going to want to tune in and learn these 6 steps.

  • How to make great looking work that you can sell at a higher pricepoint. We don’t always start our with anidea of taking our hobby to the next level but a lot of times, this is precisely where we end up. I mean who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love to do. If you think you might see a business in your future, make sure you learn these refined methods for making work that you can sell at a higher pricepoint.

  • The secrets that I learned from a master leatherworker boiled down into 6 easy steps. Need I say more? Master leatherworker and 6 easy steps. You don’t want to miss it.

If you are an aspiring leatherworker or someone who wants to learn the refined methods that i’ve learned and implemented in my work, i'd love to see you at the workshop. Click to save your spot below.