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IN MTLB You'll lay your leatherwork foundation and focus on traditional craftsmanship and the complete system of traditional leatherworking steps. 

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  • Learn the methods and techniques that will give you REFINED results

  • Avoid buying the wrong tools and instead buy only the ESSENTIAL QUALITY TOOLS

  • Learn about leather types, how to PURCHASE THE RIGHT KINDS for the job and which types are the best quality

  • Instead of trudging through trial and error LAY THE FOUNDATION and learn the best methods


Learn exactly how to get started with traditional leatherwork the easy way through video tutorials and step-by-step guides.

I learned traditional leatherworking techniques from a master leatherworker and for the last 5 years have done massive amounts of research and practical implementation.

Allow me to share what I know about the traditional old-world techniques so you can skip the trial and error and instead focus on technique and craftsmanship.

leather beast