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How to sell your leathergoods and build a handmade business

Learn how to MAKE AND SELL your traditional leathergoods

learn the technique, perfect your leathercraft and build your business


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 I want to help you create beautiful, pro-looking leathergoods using simple traditional methods that I learned from a master leatherworker. You’ll be so proud of the work that you make, you’ll want to start making gifts for friends and selling your leathergoods online, immediately!

I can help you make AND sell your leatherwork.

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Hey I’m Mary!

I run the show over here at Leather Beast and I love talking about my two biggest passions… being creative with leatherwork and creating profitable small businesses.

In 2012 I took a leather workshop with a master leatherworker who apprenticed and worked for the luxury leather company, Hermes for many years.

This workshop was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much from her!

After that workshop, I started a leather handbag and accessories line and currently sell my leathergoods online.

The thing I love most about starting an online business these days is how easy and convenient it is once you know how to do it.

I can work from anywhere, in my PJs and at any hour of the day! I’m the boss!

And if I can do that, then so can you!