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How to sell your leathergoods and build a handmade business


What kind of leather business owner are you?




You’re a 2nd act class act! A 2nd act, because you want to relaunch your business, improve your results or because the first time you tried to launch your business, it didn’t quite leave the ground.

But are you willing to give up? Heck no! You’re willing to give it another go! Welcome to the 2nd act!

You’re serious about making your leather business profitable but you’re not quite there. Sure you’ve had some sales and some minor successes which is very exciting, but you can’t help it. You want more! And you know that you can do it if you take the right steps.

You fully understand the importance of knowing your customer and creating a brand that is bigger then just a business. And you’re working on making improvements constantly. You’re tweaking things on your website, in your product photos and sales descriptions all of the time and seeking that sweet spot.

You know how to use social media, of course! but you’re not sure how to talk to your customer about your product. You don’t want to be one of the brands that is always “buy my product, buy my product, buy my product”. You realize that that is usually a turn off but you know there must be a way to sell without being salesy.

You just need a little help articulating your brand message and letting the world know, what you offer and why they should buy it from you!


Do you know what your business and offers? Do you know why your customer should buy it and buy it from you? There has to be a reason and you need to be able to illustrate that and clarify that for your customer. Once you do this, you will see an increase in your sales.



Reach Customers Who Want to Buy Your Leathergoods


Ready to crush it and relaunch that leather business for real this time?

Take action, watch the free workshop now and reach those customers who want to buy your leathergoods!