I’ve just recently come across your facebook page; what you’re doing is awesome and much appreciated for people just starting out, like me. It’s hard to wrap my head around all the info that I feel I need to learn and figure out, so it’s a huge comfort seeing that you are addressing many of the exact questions I have! 
— Ivy
I just read and went through your entire site. It’s amazing and so so so so useful. I freely admit one of the reason I really latched on to your site is the fact that you studied under someone that worked with hermes. All the other leather sewing resources on youtube etc lean more towards the “Americana” Hipster brand kind of leather work that I’m just kind of sick of. 
— Peter
As a female Leather worker, I was so excited to come across your page! I would love to see more of your work and I’ll definitely continue to follow and engage in what you’re offering. 
— Sienna
Thanks for the really great workshop today.  You were very generous with your hard won experience and knowledge. Your information was very well organized and the presentation was delivered well, very thorough.
— John
I am Veronika from Vilnius, Lithuania and I really enjoy and appreciate everything you do! Your leather goods, your lectures, live streams and workshops. It motivates me so so much.
— Veronica
Thank you for sharing your past experience and knowledge, I loved hearing what you had to say. I look forward to your informative sessions and speaking in the future!!
— Thomas
Hi, I am all the way from sunny Cape Town South Africa. I have just recently started with leather crafting and came across your web site, was so impressed I immediately signed up to your FB page and have gone through all your tutorials.
Needless to say you have covered many topics that beginners have and for that I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I will be following you closely.
— Jacqui Sturgiss

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