"I used to feel like I was working on leather projects only 20% of the time and the other 80% of the time I was, searching for answers."


I was researching tools, materials, traditional techniques and trying to figure out how I was going to make my new hobby fit into a budget and make this thing happen!

But I was hitting a wall when it came to finding the answers and information on TRADITIONAL LEATHERWORK that I wanted.


I was spending countless hours filling notebooks with notes, bookmarking websites, looking through old and outdated books, watching videos(man of which were blurry and in-audible), reading forums and interacting on Facebook groups.

I was all over the place! 

I was doing everything that I could to find the best answers but the information was often times overwhelming and just wasn't quite what I was looking for!

Finally I started to break through some walls. 

I started to figure some stuff out and was able to improve my skills and educate myself on the basics to a level where I felt confident in my leatherworking skills.  


I want to help you learn the BEST traditional leatherworking techniques in a fraction of the time that it to for me.  


If you feel lost and can related to these statements...

  • You're new to leatherworking and not sure WHERE or HOW to start
  • You're having trouble improving your current leatherworking skills
  • You're worried about your budget when it comes to getting started with leatherwork

Don't worry. I can help and you are in the right place!

I know that if I was able to get past these hurdles, then certainly so you can you. You just need a good foundation.

If you’re new to leatherwork and not sure how to get started, just being here is a step in the right direction.



I can share with you everything that I have learned and spare you countless hours of research and frustration.

Through my own trial and error came clarity and I would love, love, love to pass this clarity along to you.

And if you’re worried about budget, don’t be. 

Look, you can make this hobby/career as expensive as you want. There are plenty of awesome tools, gadgets and machinery that companies would love to sell to you.

But don't over complicate things! You don’t need those fancy tools and gadgets.. not right now, at least. 

Get access to this awesome craft.. i’m offering to you:

  • Access to the best traditional leatherworking methods and the exact steps to successfully get started in traditional leatherwork.
  • Strategies for how to get started on any budget.
  • Resources to help you take your skills it to any level you want. Whether you’re a hobbyist or someone that is looking to start a business. I’ll be here to help you along the way.



In 2013 I took a leatherworking workshop from a from a French master leather artisan, who worked at Hermès for 14 years before moving to CA and opening her own leather atelier and leatherworking school in San Francisco, CA.

I feel kind of corny saying this, but it was an amazing experience that kind of changed my life.


"I fell in love with traditional leatherworking. I saw a new opportunity in it and it was all I could think about from then on."


Once I got back to NYC where I live, I was determined to continue to learn and keep up with my new hobby. I made a list of all of the tools that I needed but the dollars started adding up quickly.

:/enter sad face here.

So little by little I acquired my set of very expensive tools, one by one. These were the same ones that we had used in her workshop in California and the same ones that she had used while working for Hermès!

I’ve since learned that there a great many other tool options that will fit most budgets and that are very suitable for beginners.

Over the next 4 years, I practiced and read and studied and it was difficult at times to find the information that I was looking for.

Many times, the lessons came from my own trial and error.

There was a big learning curve that required time, patience and money.

So currently i’m still in NYC and and i’m still totally obsessed with traditional leatherwork and i'd like to share what i’ve learned over the last 4 years.


I'd like to help you bypass the trial and error and instead get give you the tools and techniques so you know exactly what steps to take.


"I’m here to help you get started with traditional leatherwork, improve your existing leatherwork skills and help you to find ways to do it, on any budget."


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I'm happy that you're here and i'll talk to you soon.