Hot Stuffing and other Cool Leather Terms You Should Know    

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Is the leather terminology getting you down like, WHAT??

I know the feeling. There is a lot to know!

Between distinguishing what the different grades of leather are, the finish types of grain leather and the main tanning processes, if you’re anything like me, your head is spinning.

But hang in there.

I wanted to share a few more of the more common terms you might have come across in this vast world of leather descriptors.

Maybe you’ve come across some of these terms already?


1| Hot stuffing

Hot stuffing is a secondary re-tanning process involving fats and oils with a goal to give moisture back to the fibers.

These fats and oils are sometimes pounded into the skins while they tumble dry in heated barrels.

Think of a very large laundry mat dryer full of hides tumbling over and over again.

Thats hot.


2| Drum dyed

Drum dying refers to the process of dying leather in a rotating drum. The constant rotation of the drum allows for maximum dye penetration.


3| Pull up leather

Pull up leather is a natural looking leather that when stretched and worn, lightens in appearance.

This gives it a well worn in appearance which is considered a good quality in a lot of circles.


4| Hide vs. Skin

This might be basic, but I know a lot of people who either don’t know the difference or who have honestly just never thought about it.

A hide generally describes a larger animal like a cow, buffalo or a deer and a skin refers to smaller animals like goats, lambs and pigs.

What are some leather terms that get your mind spinning?