Why Knot Your Thread [VIDEO Inside]


I've been seeing this question a lot recently on Youtube and other forums, so I wanted to share a video that I made that explains exactly how I thread and knot my thread onto my needles prior to stitching.

Why knot your thread on your needles?

Because when you're mid saddle-stitch and your needle slips off the thread (because you haven't secured it) it can be really annoying and frustrating. Imagine being totally in the stitch-zone (it's a real thing, believe me!) and your needle falls off the thread. Now you have to stop what you're doing, find the needle wherever it may have landed and re-thread the needle.

If this has happened to you and it has frustrated you then check out the video below. 

If you do knot your needle but it still comes loose sometimes during stitching, you might want to try putting 2 knots on. I've even seen some people use 3 knots.

Is that overboard? Who am I to judge.

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