3 Simple DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

"How is it December already??"

Well, because we just wrapped up November and now we're moving on to the next month, which is December. It happens every year.

(this is what I want to say when people ask that question, haha) 

But I get it...

The holidays can be really stressful.

And if you're anything like me you've not done any shopping yet and start to break out in a cold sweat just thinking about what gifts to get friends and loved ones.

Before you start sweating, let me show you 3 SUPER simple holiday handmade gifts that you can make for friends or loved ones!

The first gift is a simple brown pebble leather headband that I plan on making for my niece and pairing with a few other hair accessories like barrettes and hair products.

The 2nd gift is a leather pot handle holder which I'll give to my boyfriend who is the chef in the house, along with a new pan that he's had his eye on.

And the 3rd gift is a cute leather tree ornament with leather buttons. If you like this one, you might want to check out this video on what to do with your scrap leather where I show you how to make 3 other types of tree ornaments and a few other accessories as well.


I hope these projects get your creative juices flowing and that you don't stress out too much about the gift giving portion of this holiday season.

It's the thought that counts, right? <-- (my mantra ;))


Are you gifting handmade gifts this year to friends and loved ones? What are you making?