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Learning Traditional Leatherwork - SIGN UP FOR THE FREE WORKSHOP

If you’ve ever tried to learn something on your own, you know it can be hard. And it’s no different with leatherwork.

Instead of wasting money buying the wrong tools and materials and spending hours on a project only to be disappointed with your stitching, join me at this free workshop that i’m hosting called Traditional Leatherwork Framework.

Read more to find out how you can save your seat!

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Six Ways to Drastically Improve Your Saddle-stitching Technique

If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the end result of your saddle-stitching because you’ve produce sloppy and crooked stitches or if the actual act of saddle-stitching has left you physically exhausted, you might be making one or more of these 6 mistakes.

In order to avoid producing sloppy stitches and bring the fun back into your saddle-stitching practice here are some tips that will help you produce the most beautiful saddle-stitching with ease.

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Top 5 Traditional Leatherworking Tools

After my traditional leatherworking workshop with my master leatherworker teacher, I wanted to use the same very high quality tools and that I used in that class.

And since a lot of them had a high pricetag, I actually acquired my kit of higher end tools slowly over time.

What tools you need for traditional leatherworking largely depends on what you're going to make, but at the most basic level you're going to need a few basic tools. I’ll give you the top 5 traditional leatherworking tools you’ll need and also some budget friendly options.

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How to Buy the Right Leather for Your Leather Projects

I know exactly how confusing that first leather purchase can be when you're a newbe.

Heck, it still can be confusing for me, 7 years later as new leathers pop up and new ways to market them and new names to call them by!

Leather is not cheap and not all leather is made the same, so you want to make sure that you know exactly how to choose the right leather for your project.

So how do you know what kind of leather to buy? There are a few different things that I think about when purchasing leather….

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Three Tips For Getting Started With Traditional Leatherwork

Want to get into traditional leatherwork but not sure how?

In this post i’ll show you how you can get started with traditional leatherwork without having to spend hours and hours googling and without having to spend thousands on an inperson workshop, like I did.

If you want a roadmap for how to get started, this post is for you.

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How to Price Your Leathergoods for Profit - SIGN UP FOR THE FREE WORKSHOP

Have you ever gotten stuck when it comes to pricing your handmade leathergoods?

Do you want to get started selling your leathergoods but the thought of figuring out what to charge holds you back?

Maybe the thought of pricing even makes you feel a little sick?

Click to read more and sign up for the LIVE pricing workshop. Here i’ll show you how to apply formulas (don't worry, the math is easy!) so you can feel good about how you’re pricing your leathergoods.

Say goodbye to second guessing your pricing and being fearful of customer response.

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The Most Profitable Leathergoods to Make and Sell

I get asked this question a lot: “What are the most profitable leathergoods to make and sell?”

It’s a good question but the problem with this question is, it’s suggests that there is one type of person who likes one type of leathergood.

Now obviously that is not true! There are countless niche markets and audience groups that are all going to have their best sellers.

While I would love to tell you, make THIS leathergood and you WILL sell out, sadly, thats not how it works.

What might sell out for you, might be a really hard sell for me and my audience!

In this article i’ll tell you which questions you should be asking instead, and how to nail down the most profitable leathergoods to make for your leather business.

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5 Awesome Benefits of Starting a Leather Business and Selling Your Leathergoods For Profit

Have you ever heard this from a spouse or loved one before?

"Another tool?? Geez how many burnishing tools do you need?"

Here’s the good news.

You don’t have to quit your leather hobby because it’s too expensive.

But you should consider starting to selling your leatherwork to cover your costs. If you can sell a few leathergoods each month, this is extra money that you could put towards your leather tools and materials ADDICTION that your significant other is constantly keeping tabs on.

This is just 1 of the awesome benefits of starting your own leathergoods business. Read on to find out what the rest are.

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3 Reasons Why Customers WILL Pay That Much For Your Leathergoods

As I moved my leather weekend backpack off of his seat, he commented and said how much he liked the leather backpack.

Next thing I know he’s asking more about it, how he can get one as a gift for his wife and how much would it cost.

I had to think fast, because this wasn’t even a bag that I had on my website yet. It was just a bag that I made for myself!

Find out what happens when I tell him how much it’ll cost!

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How to Increase Your Sales Using Giveaways and Presales

June has been cray. So far this month I’ve done a massive giveaway, launched a new line of leather handbags, boosted my email list and made sales, all without having any inventory.

And I want to show you how I did it.

If you’re someone who is struggling to get your business off the ground, you want to build your email list and you want to make sales (duh), then keep reading.

Follow my 4 step process for increasing your email list, making more sales and validating your product all without building inventory first.

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3 Ways to Shift Your Leather Hobby to a Profitable Leather Business

Starting and running a business is hard, yes but if you're not turning a profit after 4 years, I gotta tell you, you're definitely missing some key steps in your business foundation.

Here are three KEY things that really shifted my business from a hobby to a profitable business and allowed me to take it to the next level.

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5 Myths That are Standing in the Way of Starting Your Leathergoods Business

When I asked my fellow leatherworkers a while back what the #1 thing was that was holding them back from starting their leathergoods business, I was shocked at the responses.

I got responses about needing inventory first, figuring out how to make customers value my leathergoods and need a large upfront investment first.

Guess what?

These are myths! None of these statements are true!

If any of these things are what is holding you back from starting your dream leather business, please keep reading!

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Imposter Syndrome: How to Deal With Feeling Like Your Leatherwork Isn’t Good Enough to Sell

Imposter Syndrome is the fear of being exposed as a fraud and I would be willing to bet, that you’ve experienced this feeling of being a fraud, of not being good enough or of not having leathergoods that are worthy of selling at some point or other.

This imposter syndrome might have led you to think to yourself, “who am I to start a leather business?”

If you’ve ever felt this way or are currently feeling this way, here are 5 tips for dealing with Imposter syndrome and not letting it get in your way of starting a leather business.

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3 Ways to Find Your Customer That Wants What You’re Selling

Imagine that you have a leathegood that you love making. It’s a wallet that you made that you’re super proud of. Making this wallet has given you nothing but pride and joy and now you want to share that pride and joy with the world! I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of this pride and joy, right? Who wouldn’t be willing to pay for a piece of this pride and joy, right??

Wrong. Sadly, no. And actually, this kind of backward thinking can leave you feeling rejected and discouraged.

As you probably already know…

if you don’t know who your customer is first and foremost, you’re going to have an uphill battle when it comes to selling your leathergoods.

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Time Management: Gain 18 Hours Per Week to Work on Your Leather Business

“You just need to prioritize your life”

“Add it to your to-do list!”

“Just find the time to squeeze it in.”

This is the well meaning advice from some people who have never started any kind of business before, while also working a full-time job or while also raising 3 kids. They won’t ever understand the time struggle until they’re in your shoes right?

Instead of telling you to just hustle, hustle and hustle some more, here are 5 concrete strategies for how you can get back 18+ hours per week to work on your leather business.

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