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5 Awesome Benefits of Starting a Leather Business and Selling Your Leathergoods For Profit

Have you ever heard this from a spouse or loved one before?

"Another tool?? Geez how many burnishing tools do you need?"

Here’s the good news.

You don’t have to quit your leather hobby because it’s too expensive.

But you should consider starting to selling your leatherwork to cover your costs. If you can sell a few leathergoods each month, this is extra money that you could put towards your leather tools and materials ADDICTION that your significant other is constantly keeping tabs on.

This is just 1 of the awesome benefits of starting your own leathergoods business. Read on to find out what the rest are.

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How Under-pricing Can Actually HURT Your Leather Business?

Have you ever been browsing items at a store and shocked and confused by the low price?

You might at first think, “cool this stuff is really cheap!” and then quickly you think, “wait why is it so cheap? Whats wrong with it?”

You start to wonder about the quality of the leather and hardware.

Even if you can’t really put you’re finger on it, something feels off, and it’s turning you off from buying, right?

Click to read about how low pricing can hurt your business and how you can avoid this huge mistake.

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How to Increase Your Sales Using Giveaways and Presales

June has been cray. So far this month I’ve done a massive giveaway, launched a new line of leather handbags, boosted my email list and made sales, all without having any inventory.

And I want to show you how I did it.

If you’re someone who is struggling to get your business off the ground, you want to build your email list and you want to make sales (duh), then keep reading.

Follow my 4 step process for increasing your email list, making more sales and validating your product all without building inventory first.

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