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Six Ways to Drastically Improve Your Saddle-stitching Technique

If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the end result of your saddle-stitching because you’ve produce sloppy and crooked stitches or if the actual act of saddle-stitching has left you physically exhausted, you might be making one or more of these 6 mistakes.

In order to avoid producing sloppy stitches and bring the fun back into your saddle-stitching practice here are some tips that will help you produce the most beautiful saddle-stitching with ease.

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Top 5 Traditional Leatherworking Tools

After my traditional leatherworking workshop with my master leatherworker teacher, I wanted to use the same very high quality tools and that I used in that class.

And since a lot of them had a high pricetag, I actually acquired my kit of higher end tools slowly over time.

What tools you need for traditional leatherworking largely depends on what you're going to make, but at the most basic level you're going to need a few basic tools. I’ll give you the top 5 traditional leatherworking tools you’ll need and also some budget friendly options.

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