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I want you to imagine a leather business where you’re putting in a lot of time and energy making a leather handbag or whatever it is you make.

You’re not only spending a ton of your time but you’ve got materials costs too and a personal investment going into your product.

And then you decide to try and sell it.

Scenario 1… you don’t get any takers until you put it on sale and lower the price to the point where you’re only breaking even.

You made a sale, sure but did you make any money above the cost to produce it?

Now imagine a business where you come at things a little differently.

Before you make anything, you take a look at your customer and you determine what they need or want. Or you take some time to brainstorm a product that a certain specific group of people could really use or would really want. You’re thinking about your customer before you even pick up your pencil to sketch out your design.

Now, you start to create the item, you develop the marketing all the while you’re thinking about this specific customer and revolving everything around what they want and need. You’re speaking their language.

Scenario 2…You price your product according to what it’s cost you to product, the value and where you know you’re making a profit. And you sell it for that price.

Which scenario do you want?

Of course you want the second scenario. The one where you do a little more planning and thinking upfront but where you’ll get a much better result and make much more profit in the end.

This is how successful business owners in every field are creating profitable businesses. And it’s how you should be thinking about it too.

Over the last few weeks i’ve been talking topics directly related to pricing your leathergoods in your leather business.

We talked about the 3 reasons why customers WILL pay that much for your products

How under-pricing your leathergoods can actually hurt your leather business

The 5 benefits of selling your leathergoods for profit

And finally, what the most profitable leathergoods to make and sell are.

And in keeping with this theme, i’ve put together a new free training called, How to Price Your Leathergoods for Profit.

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If you’ve been following along with all of the videos that i’ve been doing over the past few weeks you’re going to want to sign up for this free training as well. (there will be a replay so make sure you sign up)

Have you ever gotten stuck when it comes to determining what the right price is for your handmade goods?

Do you want to get started selling your products but the thought of determining what to charge holds you back?

Maybe the thought of pricing even makes you feel a little sick?

In this LIVE workshop I'm going to show you how to apply wholesale and retail formulas (don't worry, the math is easy!) so you can price your goods fairly and with confidence.

Say goodbye to second guessing your pricing and being fearful of customer response.

Don't even think about slashing your prices until you put these practices into use.


  • Why your pricing needs to be based on facts

  • Using easy wholesale and retail formulas to help determine fair prices

  • How to factor labor costs into you price

  • Calculating material costs

  • Running the numbers and determining what the final price should be

Getting your pricing right is a really important first step to take when thinking about selling a product and building a leather business that actually makes money.


Free Workshop: How to Price Your Leathergoods for Profit

WHEN: Tuesday Sept 10th @ 3pm ET

This free workshop is for you if…

  • You think you might be under or over-pricing your leathergoods

  • Wholesale and retail formulas make your head hurt

  • You’re not sure about your labor costs and what you should charge per hour

  • Or you just have no idea where to even begin when it comes to setting prices for your leathergoods

Join us in this FREE live workshop. Even if you can’t come live, sign up and save your seat. I’ll be sending out a replay that you can watch later on.