3 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Sales in Your Leathergoods Business


Have you ever felt like you should throw in the towel and stop trying to sell your leathergoods altogether because no one is buying?

Or have you ever felt confused about why other leathercrafters seem to be able to sell their leathergoods no problem, but no one seems to be interested in yours?

Both of these things can be really frustrating but the truth is, the reason that people aren’t buying from you is not because your prices are too high or because no one likes your brand.

No, it’s much simpler then that.

It’s because you’re not driving traffic to your website, targeting your ideal customer and your website is not reflecting your brand properly.

This is the trifecta of what it takes to grow your business. When you can do all three of these things and do them well, this is when you will start to see consistent sales roll in.

So instead of throwing in the towel, lets look at these 3 reasons why you’re not making consistent sales month after month and how you can change that.


When is the last time you posted on social media or sent regular email updates to your list?

If you’re not driving the traffic to your shop, then of course you’re not going to make sales. It’s not going to happen on its own, you must drive consistent and quality traffic to your website.

Posting on social media and sending your email list regular updates and news drives traffic to your website and you need to be doing both things regularly and consistently.


I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, make sure you know who you’re talking to in your social media post and emails to your subscribers.

It’s boring for your audience if you’re bland in your marketing message because you’re trying to please everyone OR you’re just not sure what to say because you don’t know who you’re talking to! (see reason #1).

No one reads boring emails and boring social media posts. When you send a boring email, it’s deleted and when you post a boring social media post people swipe on by.

Instead of a boring message, give your audience something that wakes them up and grabs their attention. Something that makes them say, “hey, whats this? I need to check this out!”


Maybe you are doing a really good job at targeting your customer and driving traffic to your website. Thats great!

But what are people seeing when you do get them to actually visit your website?

Are they leaving the minute they land on it because your website is ugly (sorry, not sorry) or it’s confusing and cluttered or messy?

Are there too many colors or buttons or too many places to click so they just click away?

Is your brand purpose and message strong? Does it convey a message that resonates with your ideal customer to entice them to buy?

Think about other websites that you really love visiting. What are the elements of these websites that you love? How can you create a similar feeling on your own website.

These are the 3 things that you need to have in place in order to secure the sale. Follow through on these 3 things and you will see an increase in sales on your website and in your business.

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